‘Paul’s the resident Hellraiser expert.’ – Clive Barker, author of The Hellbound Heart and director of Hellraiser.

‘The world’s leading expert on the Hellraiser films and their mythology.’ – Peter Atkins, scriptwriter of Hellraisers II-IV.

‘It would be, perhaps, facile of me to say that he has such sights to show you, but the simple fact is, he has…’ – Doug Bradley, the actor who portrays Pinhead.



The Hellraiser Films and their Legacy, Paul Kane

Published by McFarland, hardback. ISBN: 0-7864-2752-3


The critically acclaimed and British Fantasy Award-Nominated book following the production and examining the themes of all the Hellraiser films, plus the comics series and beyond. With rare and unseen photographs and original Cenobite sketches by Clive Barker.

Praise for the publication:

‘A significant piece of work and certainly the best sustained piece on the movie that anybody’s yet done. Paul not only contextualises from fellow-travellers both literary and cinematic, he reads the frame. He’s also particularly good on the elektra-complex underpinnings of the Larry-Kirsty relationship. ’
( Peter Atkins)

‘ Paul Kane has chosen to follow in the great man’s (Clive Barker’s) footsteps: to reach down into the reeking heart of this mythology and see what he comes up with. I’ll leave it to you to find out exactly what that might be, but I can assure you that he has left few, if any, stones unturned in his pursuit.’
( Doug Bradley)

Total Film

‘There’s pleasure without pain in this groundbreaking look at the Hellraiser franchise…To say Kane delivers the ultimate guide to Hellraiser is an understatement. He absolutely nails it.’
(Five Star Review in Total Film Magazine)


‘Like the Lament Configuration (the intricate puzzle box at the centre of the Hellraiser films), Paul Kane’s book unlocks the series’ multitude of facets. Kane’s prose is refreshingly free of the sneering-down-the-nose that often emerges when “serious” film scholars discuss genre material. It’s clear he knows and loves his subject, even approaching the lesser entries with passion and enthusiasm…This is an intelligent and detailed study of a series that continues to fascinate and disturb in equal measure.’
(Rue Morgue Magazine)


Independent New Review

The Hellraiser Films and Their Legacy by Paul Kane takes its subject seriously and works through a surprising number of thoughtful ideas, from horror’s fascination with all things medical to the recurring voyeuristic tropes in Clive Barker’s work. There’s no reason why a study of B-movies shouldn’t reveal as much as any volume on the great directors, and this is a definitely well-researched fan volume about a film series made for fans.’
(Independent on Sunday New Review magazine)


‘This book from respected freelance writer, author and tutor Paul Kane takes a step back and examines every aspect of the Hellraiser film franchise… I couldn’t fault this publication. I tried to find something wrong or amiss, but totally failed… Kane should be championed for never digressing or sounding too much like an awestruck fanboy. He keeps his prose educational, entertaining and honest…In his foreword, Pinhead actor Doug Bradley states that Paul Kane has such sights to show. Never has a truer word been said, as this is probably the final word on the movie series.’
(The Dark Side Magazine)


‘Paul Kane takes us on a geek’s wet dream of a tour through Hell…Diehard Hellraiser Heads NEED this book. No excuses, you MUST own it!’
(Five Star Review on Joe Horror Website)


‘While the book is clearly a must for fans of the series, it’s actually quite readable even if you’re neither hot nor cold on the films. The parts I found most interesting were those which wander tangentially to the myth of Orpheus and into Judeo-Christian beliefs concerning Hell and The Devil…Kane contends that Barker’s version of Hell breaks with these traditions and is, in fact, entirely original. Conversely, diehard fans will prefer sections in which Kane covers all eight films.’
(Video Watchdog)


‘Kane’s writing style is easygoing and the book is packed with information and critique on the films…This seems to be the first book to look at the films in a developmental and critical light, the fact that it’s well-researched and detailed is most welcome.’
(Shivers Magazine)


‘Paul Kane has pulled out all the stops in creating this insightful love-letter to the Hellraiser movies… a must for any Hellraiser fan’s bookshelf - keep it next to your puzzle box at all times!’
(Frazer Lee, director of On Edge and Red Lines)


‘Paul Kane’s The Hellraiser Films and their Legacy is more than just a book about the eight Hellraiser movies and their spin-offs. It is an in-depth collection of the history, production, detailed cast listings, psychological and social ramifications of the Children of Leviathan and how they relate to popular culture. Suffice to say The Hellraiser Films and their Legacy is the perfect compendium for any fan of the series. Open this one up and see what pleasures await.’


‘Paul Kane explores all aspects of the films, their mythology, their effectiveness as films, some of the history of the creation of the story and the effects in the movies, and the levels of symbolism that the casual viewer probably would not notice.…Fans of the movies might find entire new levels of meaning here.’
(Critical Mass)


‘Author Kane has definitely done his homework here, digging up a lot of material about the series…There’s plenty of interviews and quotes from people involved throughout the movies. These are not only new quotes, but taken from interviews at the time the films were being made. Gives a nice perspective from then and now…Die-hard Hellraiser fans, you will enjoy this book!’
(Kitley’s Krypt)


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And you can read news and interviews about the publication here, here, and here.


Paul Kane, Michael Marshall Smith, Doug Bradley

Above: Author Paul Kane (left) with Michael Marshall Smith and Doug Bradley at the book’s launch, at Ye Olde Cock Tavern, December 2006. Also in attendance were Nick Vince (Chatterer), Barbie Wilde (Female Cenobite from Hellbound), Stephen Jones (unit publicist on Hellraisers I-III) and Phil and Sarah Stokes who run Clive Barker’s Revelations site. For more pictures click here.


Cinema Macabre, PS Publishing Edition  Cinema Macabre, BFS Edition

Cinema Macabre edited by Mark Morris, published by PS Publishing in hardback and the British Fantasy Society in paperback. Featuring critical essays on favourite horror movies from the likes of Neil (Stardust) Gaiman, Simon (Shaun of the Dead) Pegg, Mark (Dr Who, Jekyll ) Gatiss, Jeremy (League of Gentleman) Dyson, Douglas E. (The Dark Fantastic) Winter, Kim (Anno Dracula) Newman, Stephen Jones, Peter Atkins and more. For full list of contributors and films click here. Originally introduced by Jonathan Ross, paperback introduced by Marie O’Regan and Paul Kane. Nominated for a Bram Stoker Award and winner of the British Fantasy Award.

Includes Paul’s Essay on Hellraiser.


FantasyCon 2006 Booklet

FantasyCon 2006 Booklet celebrating Clive Barker as on of the Guests of Honour. Includes an original Barker painting on cover, with design by Paul Kane and Marie O’Regan, a Clive Barker Bibliography, Filmography and interview conducted by Paul, plus extract from Abarat Book 2.


Hellbound Hearts, edited by Paul Kane and Marie O'Regan

Pocket Books(Simon & Schuster), co-edited with Marie O’Regan. Cover artwork by Clive Barker (‘Vestimenti’ Cenobite). September 2009, $16.00/£10.76

 ISBN-10: 1439140901 ISBN-13:978-1439140901

Featuring: ‘Foreword’ by Clive Barker; ‘Introduction: Raising Hell, Again’ by Stephen Jones; ‘ Prisoners of the Inferno’ by Peter Atkins; ‘ The Cold’ by Conrad Williams; ‘ The Confessor’s Tale’ by Sarah Pinborough; ‘ Hellbound Hollywood’ by Mick Garris; ‘ Mechanisms’ by Christopher Golden and Mike Mignola (illustrated by Mike Mignola); ‘ Every Wrong Turn’ by Tim Lebbon; ‘ The Collector’ by Kelley Armstrong; ‘ Bulimia’ by Richard Christian Matheson; ‘ Orfeo the Damned’ by Nancy Holder; ‘ Our Lord of Quarters’ by Simon Clark; ‘ Wordsworth’ graphic insert by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean; ‘ A Little Piece of Hell’ by Steve Niles; ‘ The Dark Materials Project’ by Sarah Langan; ‘ Demon’s Design’ by Nicholas Vince; ‘ Only The Blind Survive’ by Yvonne Navarro; ‘ Mother’s Ruin’ by Mark Morris; ‘ Sister Cilice’ by Barbie Wilde; ‘ Santos del Infierno’ by Jeffrey J. Mariotte; ‘ The Promise’ by Nancy Kilpatrick; ‘ However…’ by Gary A. Braunbeck and Lucy A. Snyder; ‘ Tis Pity He’s Ashore’ by Chaz Brenchley; ‘Afterword’ by Doug Bradley; ‘Special Bonus Material: Wordsworth Graphic Short Story Original Script’ by Neil Gaiman.

 ‘Kudos MUST go to Paul Kane and Marie O’Regan who have pulled out of the bag a magnificent clutch of tales and have managed to coax from the authors many rich, dark and some truly frightening stories that have added a new and complex light to an already vastly complex universe. It’s a great read and I hope that Pocket Books, the publishers, commission a second volume soon. 9.5/10.’

(Johnny Mains, All Things Horror)

Buy this book here, here or here.




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‘Hellraiser: Such Sights to Show You. A HorrorHound Retrospective’. Mammoth 12 page, 8,000 wd article published in HorrorHound Issue 09 Jan/Feb 2008.




Paul Kane and Clive Barker, FantasyCon 2007

Live Onstage Interview with Clive Barker for FantasyCon 2006.


DeathRay Magazine

DeathRay Magazine, Hellraiser article

‘Hellraiser’s Back in Town’. Two page interview with Clive Barker published in DeathRay Issue 3, August 2007.


'Clive Barker Gets Darker with Mr. B. Gone'. Interview with Clive published in Dreamwatch Presents Total Sci Fi, November 2007. Please click here.


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‘Mind Probe: Clive Barker’. Interview with Clive published in SFX 163, December 2007.


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Writers' Forum, Clive Barker interview

‘ A Great Way To Make a Living’. Interview with Clive published in Writers’ Forum Issue 78, February 2008


For a Clive Barker interview posted up on the Shadow Writer site, simply click here.


Dark Side Issue 132

Dark Side 132, Interview with Doug Bradley

Dark Side 132, Interview with Doug Bradley

‘Boo Bradley’. Three page interview with Doug Bradley and director Russell Cherrington about To The Devil His Due in Dark Side #132.


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‘Book of Blood Report’ including interviews with Clive Barker and John Harrison in Rue Morgue # 81, August 2008.


Book of Blood

‘Book of Blood: Highways of the Dead’. Set report on the Book of Blood adaptation, including interviews with producers Joe Daley and Jorje Saralegui, and actress Sophie Ward on Total Sci-Fi site. Click here





Clive Barker, Paul Kane

Paul with Clive Barker


Paul Kane and Doug Bradley

Paul with Doug ‘Pinhead’ Bradley


Doug Bradley and Paul Kane

Another shot of Doug and Paul


Paul Kane, Pinhead, Bob Keen

Paul with FX maestro Bob Keen, who worked on Hellraisers I-III…with friend in the middle!


Clare Higgins and Paul Kane

Paul with Clare ‘Julia’ Higgins


Paul with Ken 'Dr. Channard' Cranham


Paul Kane and Nick Vince

Paul with Nick ‘Chatterer’ Vince


Paul Kane and Simon Bamford

Paul with Simon ‘Butterball’ Bamford


Paul Kane and Barbie Wilde

Paul and 'Female Cenobite' Barbie Wilde


Paul Kane, Marie O'Regan and Pete Atkins

Paul and Marie with Pete Atkins


Paul Kane, Hellraiser house

Paul outside the Hellraiser House as it is today



Signed Items

Hellraiser Cover, Signed

Hellbound Cover signed

Pinhead, signed

Clive Barker and Pinhead signed poster

Clare Higgins, signed

Hellraiser Script

Hellraiser Script, signed

Pinhead sketch, signed by Clive Barker

Hellraiser Comic, signed

Signed copy of The Hellraiser Films and their Legacy



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