Hellraiser: Deader – Winter’s Lament is a non-profit fan film prequel to the seventh Hellraiser film, Hellraiser: Deader (2005). Winter’s Lament is a character study, filling in the back story of Winter, the main antagonist of HR: Deader. This film will tie-in, and in some cases re-create, scenes and/or events from Hellraiser: Bloodline (1996), Hellraiser: Deader (2005) and the fan film Hellraiser: Prophecy (2006).

The story examines the key events in Winter’s life, spanning nine years, that led him on his journey towards his final confrontation with the Cenobites. By December, 2007, all 21 roles had been cast, and the film went into pre-production. Principal Photography began on Febuary 2nd, 2008, in New York, and proceeded for four weekends through March.

The film is intended to premiere in 2009.



Jonathan S. Kui


Director of Photography

John Hudak Jr.


Executive Producers

Joseph Pozo
Michael James Waskelis
Sveinung Svea
Larry Gevirtz
Joey Gowdy
Paul Forrest



Paul Kane
Geoff Varney
Nathan Head


Associate Producers

James Magnum Cook
David M. Sitbon
Mark R. Adams
Ronald L. Gray
Dan Weiss
José Leitão
Darrell Ray Herman


Based on characters created by:

Clive Barker
Peter Atkins
Gregory Widen
Gary J Tunnicliffe
Neal Marshall Stevens
Tim Day


Cenobite Makeup and Costumes

Christie Bialowas


Makeup Artists

Dan Moody
Pamela Moody
Christie Bialowas


Sound Recordist

Allison Jackson


Visual Effects

Michael Joseph


Original Music by:

Adonis Aletras


Main Cast

Pete Mizzo as Winter
April McCullough as Bobbi Merchant
Gina Montrone as Marla
Jaclyn Reid as Amy Klein
Drummond Dorosky as Pinhead
Monica Dus as Angelique.



 Peter Mizzo

Pete Mizzo playing Winter.


Gina Montrone

Gina Montrone playing Marla


Gina Montrone


Gina Montrone


Peter Mizzo

Pinhead confronts Winter.


Jonathan Kui, Jaclyn Reid

Director Jonathan Kui with Jaclyn Reid who plays Amy Klein.


Jaclyn Reid, puzzlebox

Jaclyn on set.


Pete Mizzo, lament configuration

Pete Mizzo with the Lament Configuration Puzzle Box.


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