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The Opportunity, a film by Lewis Copson

‘Enter the mind of a killer as he stalks his latest victim. Through the streets of an empty town follow as he watches and waits for the perfect moment to strike. Will he or won’t he?’

A Crowd Surf Production

Crowd Surf Productions

The Opportunity premiered at the ‘Short Film Corner’ in Cannes, May 2009.

Cannes Short Film Corner, 2009

Screenplay by Paul Kane based on his short story ‘The Opportunity’ originally published in Hidden Corners # 1, March 2001.

The Opportunity, based on the short story 'The Opportunity' written by Paul Kane

Read the first few pages of the script by clicking here


Lewis Copson

Director of Photography

E.T. Williams

Executive Producers

Neil Hewitt-Dudding
Tony Fenn

Associate Producer

Dominic Burns


Lewis Copson


David Cork


Dominic Burns
Rob Jaques
Sam Lennox


Original score by Keir Ramshaw
‘Kix’ by The Real Tuesday Weld



Stephen Coates


Stephen Coates (The Real Tuesday Weld ) as The Voice of the Opportunist


Clare Coleman

Clare Coleman (Ghosts Alive, Sonorous) as The Victim


Daniel Gough

Daniel Gough as The Opportunist


Catherine Prout

Catherine Prout as The Friend


Andrew Dennis

Adrew Dennis as The Dog Man


Dominic Burns as The Pub Landlord

Lewis Copson as Friend

Sam Lennox as Friend

Mitzi the Dog as Maxie


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