Below you will find photos from the World Fantasy Convention and Hellbound Hearts book launch Paul Kane attended in San José, California, October 29th – November 1st, 2009.


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World Fantasy Badge, Paul Kane

Paul’s World Fantasy Badge.


Manchester Airport

Manchester airport, very early on a Wednesday morning.


US Airways, Manchester

Getting ready to fly on US Airways, with two stopovers.



Phoenix airport

The first at Philadelphia, the second – above – at Arizona.




Complete with ‘Valley of the Sun’ souvenir shop.



Tequila bar, Phoenix airport

And Taberna Del Tequila bar with figure of Death outside!




Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, California

The magnificent Fairmont Hotel in San José, California, where the convention is being held.



Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, California

A close-up of the outside.


 Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, California

Inside the four star hotel.



Fairmont Hotel Bar, San Jose, California

The bar area.



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