Below you will find photos from the return visit to Rowter Rocks and Stanton Moor, Derbyshire, by Paul Kane and John B. Ford, March 26th 2005

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On the way up to Rowter Rocks. The Rocks have long had a reputation of being haunted. The ghost most frequently seen is that of a cloaked figure


But here's something even more frightening: the Fordster's rear end!


The backwards view from the steps. The Rocks overlook the Druid Inn


Is it us, or does that rock look like a Cylon?


The view from on top of the Rocks


More of the impressive Rocks


Rowter is home to a network of alcoves and caves, which contain carvings


If you get lost in here it has a tendency to send you a little…peculiar


A close up of some of the carvings…


The Reverend Thomas Eyre, who lived at Rowter Hall in the 17th Century, was believed to have been responsible for the conversion of the rocks to their present state


This includes armchairs that have been carved into the rocks, as Paul is demonstrating. Local legend tells that if you sit in the middle armchair on All Hallow's Eve, when the church clock has just struck midnight, you'll hear the name of your true love


John tests out the theory a few months too early… 'Lynne…Lynne…'


It's certainly a long way down


On to Stanton Moor, not far away: a hot bed of UFO activity and home to more strange rocks…


And burial mounds


Another shot of this atmospheric location


The 'Folly' Tower on Stanton Moor


All photographs © Paul Kane 2005




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