Below you will find a photo-journal from The Institute of Ideas' 'Genes and Society' Festival event Paul Kane attended in London on the weekend of 26th-27th April 2003

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I was delighted and thrilled when the Institute of Ideas asked me to speak on a panel about genetics in Science Fiction films. Their weekend-long festival started on Saturday morning, 26th April, and was due to take place at the Battersea Arts Centre on Lavender Hill. It's a short underground train ride from St. Pancras...


...to Victoria Station, where they have an enormous W.H. Smiths store - a good place to while away the time waiting for announcements..


The Streets of London. I've really missed this place where I spent so much time in my teens and early twenties. It's like meeting up with an old friend; it hasn't changed one bit.


Not too sure about the eye on the huge electronic advert though. Perhaps Orwell knew what he was talking about after all.


The Institute is kindly putting us up in the plush four star 'Grange Rochester Hotel' on Vincent Square near Westminster. The lift is gold plated and the rooms are out of this world.



The Battersea Arts Centre is no less impressive, not far from Clapham Junction Station. The building is a home for all things creative and artistic and is a regular venue for theatre productions and events like this one.




They're expecting 500 visitors per day and first port of call is the reception desk to pick up information about the weekend. The next is the speakers' room where I meet the organisers and have a drink and a chat. I'm also given my speaker pack which includes a name-tag, tickets to other sessions and food vouchers.


There's a heavy press presence for the festival, and of course the media sponsor for the event is the Discovery Channel - whose film DNA: The Promise and the Price is going to be screened later.


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