Happy New Year

Hi all,

Yet another new start for yet another new blog, since the last one decided to wipe itself on our most recent update. Not to worry, it’s the New Year – still, technically, just – and so a time of fresh starts.

And I’d be lying if I said I was sorry to see the back of last year. For various reasons – including the loss of both my parents and Marie’s mum – the last couple of years or so have been incredibly stressful and emotionally draining. So much so that we just battened down the hatches over the holiday period and had a quiet time at home with all the family together. A chance to sit back and remember – and relish – all that’s really important in life.

Anyone who’s read my story ‘Yin and Yang’ will know that there has to be a balance, though, and as if to counter some of the more trying things that have happened, my working life has been incredibly busy and productive over this period. Last year we were guests at not one, but two conventions and I had no less than eight publications released (it should really have been ten, but two books got pushed back to this year – no bad thing as it puts me ahead of the game going into 2014). There have been some pretty positive reviews of my work generally, and my Hooded Man mass market book sold out of its initial print run in under a month. My first YA book – The Rainbow Man – was also released, a story I’m incredibly proud of.

I also got to write my first feature script for a UK production company, which was a steep learning curve. But I thoroughly enjoyed it and am working now on a second. As we move into this year, I’ve just completed another non-fiction project which is going off to the publishers this week and I’ve been commissioned to do quite an exciting project that should make fans of my previous fiction happy. All in all, a very fortunate position to be in at this stage in my career and much more than I ever dreamed possible when I first started out.

And the moral of this tale? There isn’t one really. Life goes on, there are ups and there are downs, things to weather and moments to cherish.

So till next time when I’ll probably have more to report, look after each other and keep on keeping on.

Take care,

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