Below you will find photos from the BFS FantasyCon Paul Kane co-organised in Nottingham, September 19th - 21st, 2008


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FantasyCon 2008 Souvenir Booklet, cover by Dave McKean

The gorgeous FCon 2008 Souvenir programme with Dave McKean cover art.



FCON gathering in the bar

People gathering for the con…where else but in the bar!




Christopher Fowler

FCon 2008’s MC, Christopher Fowler, gives his intro speech on the Friday Night.



Paul Kane

Paul claps his hands in anticipation of the evening to come…



 Dave McKean's artwork

Dave McKean artwork up in the dealer’s room.



Abaddon Books' stall

Where Paul’s novel Arrowhead is also on sale all weekend at the Abaddon stall.



 Arrowhead Book launch

Speaking of which, on the Saturday at noon there’s a launch for it!





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