Below you will find photos from the BFS FantasyCon Paul Kane attended in Nottingham, September 21st-23rd 2007


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Mandy Slater, Peter Crowther

Friday Night in the bar (where else?) and MC Peter Crowther introduces the event…



Mark Morris, Stephen Jones, Michael Marshall Smith et al

As the crowd look on.



Chaz Brenchley, Mike Carey

Friday Night’s book signing with Chaz Brenchley (furthest away) and Mike Carey (right).



Ramsey Campbell

Ramsey Campbell asks ‘deal or no deal’?



Michael Marshall Smith, Stephen Jones

Guests of Honour Michael Marshall Smith (left) and Stephen Jones (right)



Simon Clark, Tony Richards

Also signing, Simon Clark (left) and Tony Richards (right)



Terry Brooks

And the other Guest of Honour, The Sword of Shannara author Terry Brooks.



Stephen Volk, Stephen Gallagher

Afterlife creator Stephen Volk (left) and Lifeline scripter Stephen Gallagher (right) prepare for a scriptwriting panel.



Michael Marshall Smith, Tim Lebbon

Joined by MMS and Dusk author Tim Lebbon.



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