Below you will find photos from the FantasyCon 2005 which Paul Kane attended in Walsall, 30th September-2nd October 2005

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Paul (right) on the Comedy Horror panel with Ramsey Campbell (next to him), Simon Clark (left of Ramsey) and Matthew Holness (far left) who created and starred in 'Garth Marenghi's Dark Place'.


Matthew, Simon and Ramsey discuss the ins and outs of using humour in horror fiction and films.


Oktober writer Stephen Gallagher (left) leads the script improvisation session.


Paul Finch's reaction to the suggestion of a show about a pole-dancing Exorcist.


Steve, Matthew and Paul.


A Terror Scribes mini-reunion - back row, from left to right: Mark West, Rob Rowntree, Lisa Negus, Dave Price and Paul. At the front: Matthew and Gail Nina Anderson.


Paul interviews Guest of Honour Simon Clark live on stage.


Paul tickling Simon's FunnyBone.


The multi-book and BFS Calendar launch!


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