Below you will find photos from the BFS FantasyCon Paul Kane attended in Walsall, September 24th-26th 2004

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The venue for 2004's FantasyCon - The Quality Hotel, Walsall. 150 people are expected.


Let the gathering, and drinking, commence!


Friday night and David Howe kicks off the proceedings.


Paul and co-editor Marie O'Regan launch the 2005 BFS Calendar in front of a packed room.


Did someone say something funny?


Time to interview the British Fantasy Award nominees.


Paul with Andrew Hook of Elastic Press (right) and Ariel from The Alien Online (far right).


A question from the audience for Mark Samuels (left) and David Howe (far left)


Paul interviewing artist Les Edwards (left) and Best New Horror editor Stephen Jones (far left).


Steve Jones takes to the mike.


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