Below you will find photos from the Alsiso Project-Shadow Writers 2 book launch Paul Kane attended in Holborn, London, January 8th 2004

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2pm: Upstairs in the Cittie of Yorke pub and various writers and editors are already gathering


Shadow Writer Sue Phillips enjoys her story 'Chalice' while fellow SW Sarah Crabtree takes it easy

Author of Silver Screen and Alsiso Project contributor Justina Robson (who draws a mean bird doodle)


Straw Men author Michael Marshall Smith (left), Director's Cut author Nicholas Royle (middle) and Paul


Spare Parts author and cheeky chappie, Stuart Young


Alsiso contributor and editor of Prism, Marie O'Regan


Paul and Sarah seem a bit concerned about Nick Jackson's (seated) glowing red eyes!


Alsiso editor and Elastic Press head honcho, Andrew Hook


Kay Green, author of Jung's People


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